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The list below shows which other data is available for this observatory.
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For this Biodiversity Observatory a detailed description based on the work during the BIOTA AFRICA project (2001-2010) has been published and is available for download. The Biodiversity Observatories were the focal study sites of the BIOTA Southern Africa's interdisciplinary research and long-term monitoring programme. They have been placed along the major climatic gradient, covering all six biomes in Namibia and South Africa..
This observatory was one of them. Work on this study site has been continued during the project phase of SASSCAL research portfolio 1.0.
The following PDF document offers a description of the Elandsberg - Biodiversity Observatory published in
Jürgens, N., Haarmeyer, D.H., Luther-Mosebach, J., Dengler, J., Finckh & M., Schmiedel, U. (2010) Biodiversity in southern Africa 1: Patterns at local scale - the BIOTA Observatories. Göttingen & Windhoek: Klaus Hess Publishers.